Products and services for industries with greenhouse gas emissions

Synengco offers the following products and services to industries with greenhouse gas emissions:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions – SentientMonitor
SentientMonitor is world leading technology for greenhouse gas emissions. It is fully compliant with relevant standards and guidelines, has an amazing level of accuracy (an uncertainty of <1.5%) and establishes its own audit trail to prove compliance.

Download: SentientMonitor Technical Fact Sheet [75KB PDF] | SentientMonitor General Fact Sheet [185KB PDF] | SentientMonitor brochure [3MB PDF]

Earlier Warning System – SentientAlert
The world’s most advanced early warning system, SentientAlert, features a framework for the comprehensive early warning system for equipment and process failures, high sensitivity to changes within a widely variable operation, problem identification, operator advice on addressing the problem, full automation, low cost analysis, variation from a base case, the application of predictive technologies and reduction of false alerts by as much as 80% more than other systems.

Download: SentientAlert Fact Sheet [119KB PDF] | SentientAlert brochure [311KB PDF]

Root Cause Analysis Technology – SentientCause
SentientCause provides root cause analysis of abnormal process and related equipment operation. It provides a hybrid framework based upon fundamental (physics) and statistical techniques. The system provides accelerated analyses, data and time sets, rapid abnormal or fault identification, data/instrument validity checking, identification of component and event contribution to fault, analysis of long term v short term contributions, comparison against previous operations and base case, quantification of process impact, quantification of financial impact and capture of knowledge for future use. SentientCause can be easily used by both experienced and new users.

Download: SentientCause Technical Fact Sheet [188KB PDF] | SentientCause Fact Sheet [136KB PDF]

Asset Optimisation Services – SentientAssetMax
SentientAssetMax is the advanced technology tool we use to conduct off line asset optimisation studies (including evaluations) of fuels, plant modifications, operational configuration modifications and despatch optimisation.

Download: Sentient AssetMax Fact Sheet [68KB PDF]

Operations Management Systems
Our services and technologies include operation management systems that provide (among other things), production statistic reporting, loss of availability systems, plant and equipment logging systems and shift report systems.

Download: Operations Management Systems Fact Sheet [145KB PDF]

Performance Management
We offer a range of services and products relating to performance management including routine plant reporting, real time plant and process monitoring for abnormal operation and/or performance, root cause analysis of plant and process, plant and process monitoring for overhaul planning and plant improvement investigations and feasibility studies.

Download: Performance Management Fact Sheet [73KB PDF]