Our Showcase Technology

Synengco developed its showcase technology, SentientSystem® to power the services and products it offers to clients. We designed SentientSystem® to overcome the obstacles hindering many businesses from making great decisions.

In recognition of the contribution it made to the advance of technology, SentientSystem® was accredited to the Australian Showcase Technology in 2001 and again in 2007.


What is SentientSystem®?

Our unique SentientSystem® software can:

  • self learn;
  • monitor, analyse, optimise and report on business assets 24 hours a day in real time;
  • integrate all business systems for better decision making;
  • leverage a businesses’s existing assets;
  • translate complex information so it is easy to understand;
  • help people make better decisions; and
  • help businesses optimise the use of its plant and equipment.

The diagram shows how SentientSystem® operates.


What are the benefits of using SentientSystem®?

Using SentientSystem® can help you to:

  • maximise the return on assets;
  • have an intergrated framework for business data;
  • make accurate forward predictions;
  • provide timely and accurate reccomendations to both staff and clients; and
  • extend the life of plant and business control systems.

Our clients experience payback periods ranging from 6 to 18 months. SentientSystem® software effectively pays for itself.


Who currently uses SentientSystem®?

SentientSystem® is currently managing and analysing assets with a value in excess of $8 billion across Australia and the USA.


How would it work for you?

SentientSystem® software was designed with flexibility in mind so that we can tailor-make solutions for any business. If you would like further information on how SentientSystem® can be used to solve your business challenges, please contact us.